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In the immediate absence of a clear and coherent narrative, people are all too willing to invent their own versions. The internet always floods with rumors and theories after a tragedy, and the aftermath of the Orlando shooting has predictably been no different. The people who propagate these rumors, the last sort of rumors especially, often claim that the mainstream media never listens to or addresses them. And that is largely true, because — to someone who has just dropped everything, hopped a flight to Florida and spent three days interviewing traumatized witnesses — the notion that the whole thing might be made-up is patently ridiculous. Still, we get that people have a lot of questions and suspicions after a tragedy, particularly when so many details remain unknown. So we asked a group of Washington Post reporters, both in Washington and on the ground in Florida, to address some of the more popular rumors and conspiracy theories currently going viral on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Here are their explanations. How do we know there was only one shooter? And what would cause eyewitnesses to think there were more than that?

The Bakhtin Circle

Personal blog that will cover my personal interests. I write about Christian Theology and Apologetics, politics, culture, science, and literature. Toward the end of his first DVD, Lewis stated that Freddie Stone, who was the lead guitarist of the group Sly and the Family Stone , had said that he and other members were high on heroine when they wrote music.

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You will be hearing a lot about this in major media this year. The article was, however, riddled with lies. Let us take a quick look at only a short list of untruthful declarations that the public was victim to. The inside sources quoted were a Mr. James Churward and Mr. Both these men, and the institute they belong to, are completely fictitious. They do not exist.

The Truth Behind Teacups and Saucers

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Dating an Army Soldier Stories (Part Two)

There is obviously no shortage of articles or videos out there praising single mothers to the heavens. These propaganda pieces always portray single mothers as these wonderful, responsible creatures who are all victims of the actions of some horrible man that walked out on them. She would think being out at 8PM breastfeeding your child in an R-rated movie is the mark of pure insanity. And they do it in groups of 50 now.

A few years ago, she and her sister my aunt were visiting , and I remember their reaction to seeing ONE child in a grocery store at My mother was horrified at the sight of it and still talks about that single mom who bought potato chips and beer…… and her 4 year old in flip flops and dirty hands and knees wanted a chocolate bar and she bought it for the kid — and let the child eat it with those filthy hands.

Jul 29,  · The Ugly Truth: Internet Dating, Love This activity was provided by Renata Bettarello. I`m a private English teacher and also teach at Know How English school in Franca, S.P., Brazil.

African civilization was superior to all civilizations. Muslims were black in all Islamic countries before the promulgation of the law of religions, originally the law of the white man and learned to fight black women Queen of the Nile Valley civilization and is the first person on the surface of the planet and the rest of mankind is a clone of black color and religions Reproduction of the worship of the sun Ra and meaning Sun and from them came the word of the Koran and the Torah and the Torah — Tu-Ra and written a reproduction Ra.

Religions Black magic and sex worship in the paradise of the sacred sex abused by people for thousands of years, the rituals of worship of the sun and the universe is a ritual of life, began to worship the woman Faraj ended with the worship of the man’s penis, the barren woman is the man and until the universe has been enslaved another woman and ended B the sacred sex, then the sacred bondage, then the worship of the gay clergy and the end of Adam’s civilization.

Religions are made by the white man to enslave the black woman until she gives birth to strong colored children and even resist the heat of the sun, enemies of the sun or poplar enslaved the black man to build Aruba America America South Africa Middle East and many colonies. Religions Mk Ultra project is a secret project to control the mind through drugs and electric shocks in order to weaken the individual and extract confessions.

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This Social Experiment Just Exposed the Ugly Truth Behind Tinder

View photos “I drink a lot of water. Gwyneth Paltrow is not the only water-obsessed celebrity , but she’s definitely in the club. The Goop founder once posted her adoration to Instagram , claiming that H2O is “full of healing power.

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Serpents of Desire, Part 4 Discovering the key to the deeper layers of meaning beneath the narrative. That’s a pretty small amount of space in which to tell a story that changed the course of human history. The Encyclopedia Britannica would have devoted tens of pages to an event of such magnitude. How can the Torah communicate anything really profound with such a scarce amount of words? One of the ways it can do so is by creating more than one “layer” of meaning in its narrative. Twenty-five verses may not sound like a lot, but it’s plenty if the text is somehow “layered”; encoded so that it contains meaning far out of proportion to its size.

Jewish tradition has long assumed that the Torah employs various techniques to help it “encode” meaning. One of those techniques is a device that’s come to be known as “the leading word”. Every once in a while, when you are reading a Biblical narrative, you will find that the text seems to go out of its way to use a certain word, phrase or idea, consistently and repetitively throughout a story.

When this happens, it often indicates that this repetitive element holds a key to the meaning of the narrative. The word or idea in question “leads” the reader, as it were, to a richer and deeper understanding of the text.

Introductory letters sent by Russian scammers

A few more joined them, and it happened again. Today, three decades later, the six teen-aged seers are middle-aged adults and are still getting these visitations with their alleged secrets and signs. A global movement supporting these visions has been selling the phenomenon as real, in the face of the official stance of the Catholic Church.

What is the official stance?

However, a new study, led by Northwestern University Associate Professor of Social Psychology, Eli Finkel, examines the truth behind online dating sites, and the bold claims that science-based.

The Truth Behind Teacups and Saucers Dec 14, Open nearly any cupboard and you will find teacups and saucers hiding inside. In this article we will turn teacups upside down and expose the hidden truth behind their creation. Meet The Teacup The discovery of drinking tea dates back to China over 5, years ago. The jade liquid was originally served in small handle-less bowls which contained a mere teaspoons.

Many historians believe that the teacup handle was created to shield the fingertips of gentle ladies who would otherwise burn their hands. The Romans are credited with bringing pottery to England where dedicated British potters slowly revolutionized the teacup. The process of melding pottery and bone into a fine porcelain took many years to discover. So, in the beginning was the teacup. And man thought it was not good for the teacup to be alone and so he created a partner, a help mate called the saucer.

Meet The Saucer In truth, the saucer originally came from China through it had nothing to do with tea. The saucer was a flat somewhat deep centered plate designed to hold sauce. The saucer was adapted to Victorian tables where many are said to have poured their tea into this shallow sauce dish in order to allow the hot beverage to cool. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a marriage which has stood the test of time.

Why Internet Dating Sucks: Part 2 of my Internet Dating Saga