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History[ edit ] For more details on this topic, see Maritime history. Throughout history sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording humanity greater mobility than travel over land, whether for trade, transport or warfare, and the capacity for fishing. The earliest representation of a ship under sail appears on a painted disc found in Kuwait dating between and BCE. There were improvements in sails, masts and rigging ; improvements in marine navigation including the cross tree and charts , of both the sea and constellations, allowed more certainty in sea travel. From the 15th century onwards, European ships went further north, stayed longer on the Grand Banks and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence , and eventually began to explore the Pacific Northwest and the Western Arctic. According to Jett, the Egyptians used a bi-pod mast to support a sail that allowed a reed craft to travel upriver with a following wind, as late as 3, BCE. Such sails evolved into the square-sail rig that persisted up to the 19th century. Forces on sails The physics of sailing arises from a balance of forces between the wind powering the sailing craft as it passes over its sails and the resistance by the sailing craft against being blown off course, which is provided in the water by the keel , rudder , underwater foils and other elements of the underbody of a sailboat, on ice by the runners of an ice boat , or on land by the wheels of a sail-powered land vehicle. Forces on sails depend on wind speed and direction and the speed and direction of the craft.

six degrees of separation

Background Template matching is inherently a tough problem due to its speed and reliability issues. The solution should be robust against brightness changes when an object is partially visible or mixed with other objects, and most importantly, the algorithm should be computationally efficient. There are mainly two approaches to solve this problem, gray value based matching or area based matching and feature based matching non area based. Gray value based approach:

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Spins result from aggravated stalls in either a slip or a skid see this interesting video http: If a stall does not occur, a spin cannot occur. In a stall, one wing will often drop before the other and the nose will yaw in the direction of the low wing. Suffice it to say that in order to have a spin, you must have a stall with yaw.

The yaw causes one wing to produce more lift than the other which causes a rotation around the COG with the wing producing the least lift on the low side. THERE are four distinct phases of flight associated with a spin; The entry, the pilot stalls the plane while in uncoordinated flight.

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Click here for information. Paul’s Intro Many people are always calling me or asking me at shows on how to identify Muncie 4 speeds. Not too many people actually know what type Muncie they have and most publications have done a fantastic job of giving out wrong information. This includes performance parts books from GM as well as a multitude of poorly written “How To” articles in just about every car magazine and website around.

Swap meets and the internet , especially Ebay are filled with “experts” that learn from other “experts” who learn from a great deal of misinformation on websites and forums. I also realize that as you are reading this, you probably saying, “why should I believe this guy?

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His father is Irish-American Catholic , and his mother is Jewish. Knowing Judy could not put up a good fight, Bobby pointed his hand at Beasely and encased him in a block of ice. Later, the local townspeople, having heard of the incident, came looking for him in the form of an angry mob. The local sheriff had no choice but to put Bobby in jail for his own “protection”. While Bobby sat in his cell at the sheriff station, the outer wall was blown open, and a young man named Scott Summers walked in and offered to take Bobby with him.

After Bobby turned him down, the two mutants got into a short battle, which was soon ended by the arrival of Professor Charles Xavier. Bobby took the suggestion and left with Professor Xavier and Cyclops to become the second member of the X-Men.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe

Share this item with your network: Six degrees of separation is the theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. The concept of six degrees of separation is often represented by a graph database , a type of NoSQL database that uses graph theory to store, map and query relationships.

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No prehistoric writing that makes any sense? Ignorant stone age progenitors? I’m afraid I’m not buying anymore, not when I can so easily find this kind of mathematical evidence to the contrary. Why do I say that? Geological Survey advises me that they have the only computer in the United States which is programmed to calculate accurate distances between widely separated points anywhere on the planet – which means – that before the ancients could have marked out the pyramid grid system, they required a computer of the same caliber!!

The result should be 0. Enter the number 72 into your calculator and press the tangent key. The result should be 3. The result should be 2. Now, press the “C” Clear key, then enter the number 5.

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The Department of Management Science and Engineering leads at the interface of engineering, business, and public policy. Research and teaching activities are complemented by an outreach program that encourages the transfer of ideas to the environment of Silicon Valley and beyond. The analytical and conceptual foundations include decision and risk analysis, dynamic systems, economics, optimization, organizational science, and stochastic systems.

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All lawyers in the room, you know it’s true. We can’t add and subtract, so we argue. That’s probably why I ended up as a psychologist rather than a mathematician. However, I don’t think being willing to admit you are bad at math is limited to lawyers and psychologists, it’s pretty much everyone. In fact, I’ve noticed that it’s quite socially acceptable to say that I’m not good at math. On the other hand, I would never admit that I was bad at reading because, well, that would just make me look really stupid.

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TENS machine is a three mode unit with a timer. Tens machine has three different stimulation modes as its feature. That cycle continues and repeats itself twice in every second. It includes Tas-Tens stimulator, carrying case, lead wires, user manual, 4 reusable electrodes, and a battery.

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I am so behind in posting stuff from this school year. So, so, soooooooo behind. Here’s what Unit 2 ended up looking like in my trig class. I posted Unit 1 back in September. Unit 1 was mainly a review of algebra and geometry. Unit 2 was the start of actual trigonometry! Our geometry standards include basic right triangle trig, but I’ve found that my students’ experience with this topic is greatly lacking. It’s been so fun to teach them trig from the beginning and see the light bulbs start to go off.

Why didn’t they ever tell us it was this simple?!? My students had a hard time wrapping their minds around the difference between the adjacent side and the opposite side for some reason. We made a simple three-door foldable with the formulas for sine, cosine, and tangent. My students referenced this foldable A LOT! In fact, they’re still referencing during our unit on the unit circle.

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

Paul Berry After building the product for Huffington Post, and owning the product and engineering groups at AOL after we were acquired, it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current CMS offering gave the world and what the world needed. Five years later we are at scale, moving the needle and doing to WordPress what Airbnb did to Craigslist. Social and Centralized WordPress, Drupal, and the custom CMS solutions of the world are all independent, non-connected instances that each need to be updated individually.

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